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We offer a comprehensive range of insurance solutions and services tailored to meet the needs of clients. Click on a service listed below to learn more about it.
  • Evaluate the healthcare needs and budget constraints of individuals or businesses. 
  • Provide personalized recommendations on suitable health insurance plans based on the client's requirements.




  • Assist in comparing various health insurance plans from different providers.
  • Help clients understand the terms, coverage options, and costs associated with each plan.
  • Facilitate the enrollment process by completing paperwork and submitting applications.





  • Guide clients through the claims process in case of medical expenses.
  • Advocate on behalf of clients to ensure timely and accurate processing of claims.
  • Provide ongoing support and assistance throughout the policy period.
  • Help clients make changes to their coverage, such as adding or removing dependents or modifying benefits.




  • Conduct periodic reviews of clients' insurance needs and coverage.
  • Assist in renewing existing policies or finding alternative options if necessary. requirements.



  • Offer educational materials and resources to help clients understand health insurance terminology, concepts, and regulations.
  • Provide updates on changes in the healthcare industry and how they may impact insurance coverage.




  • Ensure clients comply with regulatory requirements related to health insurance, such as enrollment deadlines and documentation.




  • Advise clients on cost-saving strategies, such as using in-network providers, maximizing preventive care benefits, or utilizing health savings accounts (HSAs) or flexible spending accounts (FSAs).




  • Serve as a liaison between clients and insurance providers to resolve disputes, clarify policy details, or address concerns.



  • Offer specialized services tailored to specific client needs, such as group health insurance for businesses or individual health plans for self-employed individuals




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Welcome to J.Boddie Healthcare, where we specialize in providing comprehensive insurance solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Explore below to discover how we can protect what matters most to you and your loved ones.

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Client Reviews & Testimonials 🌟


Client in Illinois

Kyla Hodges

I’m so appreciative of J. Boddie healthcare. I received professional, informational and solid solutions to my healthcare needs. I would recommend his services to anyone looking for coverage.


Client in Texas

Chrissy Murphy

Josh is awesome and helped me navigate from having group Insurnace ( when I was employed) to finding a private plan that worked for my needs after becoming self employed. He is very diligent and responsive!! HIGLY recommend!!


Client in Georgia

Darius Brown

"Josh Boddie is a very responsive and knowledgeable person on the insurance policies."


Client in Illinois

Jourdan Doffeny

"J.Boddie Healthcare was a big help! Explained the difference on what I was covered and what they can offer me better! Highly recommend a phone call with them!"


Client in Maryland

Sheree Graham

"Josh has been very helpful with accommodating my large family. Finding insurance has been a lot but he has been there and helping my husband and I every bit of the way. You are awesome!!!"


Client in Georgia

Nathaniel Stolz

"In simple terms, I can't say enough good things about J.Boddie Healthcare and Josh. They really care about their clients and provide excellent services. If you need help obtaining affordable health insurance, I strongly recommend choosing J.Boddie Healthcare. I'm sure you'll get the same great care and support I did." 


Client in Ohio

Susan Locke

"Josh was extremely helpful and patient during the process of finding insurance for my husband, son and myself. All the options out there can be very overwhelming and Josh walked me through the ones he thought would be best for us. I would highly recommend J.Boddie Healthcare for your health insurance needs!"


Client in Georgia

Brittany Ray

I am very pleased and impressed with my experience. Josh was able to help navigate and explain, even in the simplest terms to help me understand exactly the kind of health insurance would benefit my situation. His customer service and professionalism can’t be beat. I feel very lucky to have found him.


Client in Georgia

Michelle Arce

"Josh (from J.Boddie Healthcare) helped me save over $200 on my health insurance, and found a plan with a lower deductible than the coverage I already had. Highly recommend working with him!"


Client in Georgia

Denise Maye

"Absolutely wonderful to work with. Very patient with all my questions. Helped me find the best dental plan for me. Even after I got my plan still took the time to answer more questions. Highly recommend!"


Client in Nebraska

Storm Parlato

"Joshua was more than helpful with any and every question I had! He made it extremely easy for me and my family to understand and choose the best insurance plan for us! I would highly recommend this agent for all of your insurance needs!! If I could rate higher than 5 stars, I would!! Thank you Josh!"

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